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Games You Can Play With Your Puppy

Getting a new puppy might be fun, but training it to become an active, happy dog is very important. Playing games and doing exercise helps us to remain healthy and fit. Similarly doing these activities helps a dog to remain active. Puppies have a habit of taking naps throughout the day and the number of naps it takes totally depends upon the amount of exercise they get. Games are one of the best thing to do to have fun and playing games with your puppy strengthens your master-dog relationship. Here are some interesting games you can play with your dog or puppy:


Taking walks– Taking your puppy for a walk around the block or at the park is an important part of training. In each walk you can throw a ball for the puppy to jump and catch or you can teach him balancing by taking him along irregular paths. Taking walks can also help your puppy get acquainted with different sounds and smells in the environment. However keep in mind that running and jogging can be harmful if the puppy is too young.

Hide and Seek – This game helps a puppy to develop it’s hunting skills. This training requires you and one of your friends. You need to go hide somewhere and then call your dog’s name. Your friend will then release your puppy to go find you. Try it your pup will love it.

Fetching – Every dog likes the game of fetching. You can play this game safely in your fenced back yard. It helps to teach your puppy how to focus and follow instructions. For small pups soft balls and toys are the best for the fetching games as they are easy to retrieve and hold in the mouth. Try small fetching sessions to avoid exhausting your pup by playing too long.

Fun In A Pool – Swimming is an activity that is loved by many dogs. Water provides a great way for a low stress workout. If your puppy is new to the aquatic environment then try to use a small children’s swimming pool. Try playing water based games with a favorite floating toy. Getting your puppy acquainted with water at an early age will really help him to become a good and confident swimmer.

In order to have a good master-dog relationship with your puppy, you need to train him well. You need to teach him and make him understand your language so that he obeys your commands. Don’t treat him like a dog, treat him like a best friend and play games with him. If you do it right your pup will reward you with his companionship and loyalty.